December 22 2010

My Reflections on the Locking Course

Jess and Alex Locking

by Jessica Williams, course participant

I like dance because it makes me happy and sometimes it’s embarrassing but it is a funny kind of embarrassment. I had never heard of Locking until now, it’s a weird kind dancing but fun. I love the scissy strut because it’s a funny but interesting strut. The wrist twirls are cool but they are weird because they are simple but hard at the same time. The watergate walk is the best, it feels weird and embarrassing and funny and I really enjoy it. The scooby doo, I think it’s a bit hard but it’s fun.

I have really enjoyed doing dance with Issie because she’s fun and we can have a laugh with some of the moves. Issie is not strict but not too easy going either, she is a really cool and good dance teacher. If we don’t do our homework she will tell us off but everything else is fine because me and Alex are angels for her. She also likes us getting everything done when she needs something to be written or be done at home like when we have to do our evaluation sheets or need to learn about ‘The Lockers’ and research on the internet.  I would like to carry on with Locking as no one else has heard of it and we could show them moves or something because I think everyone should know about Locking as I think everyone will find it fun. It’s really entertaining and there’s not really any entertainment around so there should be a big dance class for anyone who has nothing to do all day because it might help them in some way and everyone could make another Locker group if it leads that far.

I have enjoyed Locking dancing more than my dancing in school because that dancing seems boring now – Locking is more fun, exciting and you can have a laugh with it!