September 21 2015

‘My Turn’ project

Glanogwr House project

In this Age Cymru project for people over the age of 50 at Glan Ogwr House Sheltered Accommodation in Bridgend, our remit was to think about how it felt to be ageing, exploring and expressing both the difficulties and the positives. The participants enjoyed sharing their feelings and being creative in the group, and were confident enough to write a very inspiring song about keeping young, with help from Music and Voice worker Laura Bradshaw, as well as making a music video with Film Worker Tracy Pallant, to echo the song’s sentiments.

At the end of the project there was a sharing of the video and song, with the residents hosting a Betws Community Choir performance, welcoming new members and other guests, as well as an art work exhibition which had been made during an arts project with our Visual Arts facilitator Alison McGann. We were so well looked after by the residents who put on a huge and very tasty spread of food and drinks for all the guests.

The participants felt thoroughly engaged with what the project was all about, and some even joined Betws Community Choir as a result of the connection with Valley and Vale Community Arts. One of the group (Peter) even went as far as participating in the massive ‘Sing for Water Cardiff’ event in May – but very sadly he died early in September. We have been welcomed by this inspiring group of over 50’s and hope to develop new projects with them into the future.

The song the group wrote in this project is called ‘From Spring Until December’:

‘From Spring Until December’

From Spring until December

Forever and a day

I have things to remember

And in my heart they’ll stay

So get up and dance – sing a song

It helps to pass the time along

Lose the stress – and the strife

It’s the – time of your life

I sit and think of days gone by

How youth has slipped away

I want life to be different

From how it is today

Make the most of the moment

Remember happy times

The chance that something’s coming

Is right before your eyes

You’ve gotta think young – if you think young you stay young

Thoughts of new beginnings

A new path in my sight

With hair that’s grey and thinning

Old age I want to fight.