‘My Way of Telling’ Film

As part of our International Women’s Day celebrations and to recognise National Women’s History Month 2014, ’Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment’, we would like to showcase a new film called ‘My Way of Telling’, made by Welsh Writer Rachel Trezise working with our Film Development Worker Katja Stiller.

This film was launched at the Barnardo’s Cymru ‘Something for Something’ exhibition, held at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff in November 2013. This event was the result of collaboration between Valley and Vale Community Arts and Barnardo’s and focused on young people’s experiences, their relationships, the dangers of sexual exploitation and how therapeutic arts helped them to process traumatic events.

“It doesn’t matter what art form you choose, being creative is an outlet, it is relaxing and healing. The creative process can help us to slow down, find safety and a new perspective. Creating means we become active, we become the narrator, the director, the author rather than the passive ‘damaged person’. Allowing yourself to take part in the creative process calms the brain, it helps overcome painful experiences, break patterns and helps us to become more resilient…” (Katja Stiller, Film Development Worker)

Rachel Trezise started writing as a way of dealing with her sexual abuse as a young girl. Today Rachel is an Award Winning Writer: “Art is very cathartic. I am not sure where I would be without it today, but I am sure it would not be in a good place, writing opened flood gates for me and it was a huge relief …”  ( www.racheltrezis.co.uk )

At the ‘Something for Something’ launch, John Griffith, Minister for Culture and Sports, praised the project:

“The way that The Arts Council of Wales, Valley and Vale Community Arts and Literature Wales have been working with Barnardo’s to allow young people to express themselves and communicate their experiences around sexual exploitation … is an example of the power of the arts and the range of agendas The Welsh Government and key partners have that arts are relevant to. It really can help young people to not just communicate their experiences and to make a wider audiences aware of those experiences and what needs to be done to deal with them … it can also be cathartic for young people, it can allow young people to unburden some of that experience and some of that exploitation that has taken place in Wales. If the arts can play a part in dealing with this experience and allowing the young people to some extent to overcome those experiences and to move on then I think the arts are doing a very important job and powerful job …” (John Griffith, Minister for Culture and Sports)