July 4 2013

Nantyffyllon Primary School Drama Project Blog

Family Post-it Notes

by Karen Steadman, Drama Worker

In the spring, we ran an eight week project in Nantyffyllon Primary School near Maesteg, aiming to engage families in drama activities. As many of the children involved were quite young, we decided to use ideas inspired by fairy tales to create scenarios to enact and to identify everyday problems to solve. Every session would start with games to boost confidence and get family members and friends working together as a team. Then, using traditional tales, we would stage certain sections of the story using different theatrical techniques each week. The group would then be faced with a situation brought up by the play, such as the Three Billy Goats Gruff trying to cross the bridge or Hansel and Gretel’s father and step-mother facing financial hardship and we would explore different ways to try to deal with the issue, using modern day real life situations.

Both adults and children grew in confidence and enjoyed engaging in a new activity that brought them closer together, whilst also having the chance to develop imaginatively and creatively. The families were fun to work with and presented some entertaining pieces of theatre.