February 1 2009

New Theatre Production: a Safe Space to Discuss Suicide Issues

A Long Way Down Performance

A daring and critically acclaimed play by young Welsh writer Alyson Evans from Valley and Vale Community Arts comes to Cardiff this month. When Alyson Evans sent her adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel ‘A Long Way Down’ to the author to request his permission for the play to be performed, she received a personal reply from the author praising her adaptation. This was the start of a journey for Alyson’s play which will be performed across South Wales during February and March.

Neath Port Talbot College Theatre, Tuesday 10th February @ 1.15pm (FREE Entry).

The play follows three characters who meet on a rooftop, somewhere in South Wales on New Year’s Eve. Each has their own story and their own reason for looking over the edge and wondering…is life really worth it? Evans’ adaptation weaves the pain, monotony and ultimately, hope of the characters’ lives in a script that is deft, dark and very funny. The play does not joke about suicide, it treats life and death with great reverence, but the humour makes this painful and topical subject matter accessible.

“Powerful and deeply moving. A must see for every parent”
(audience member, Bridgend, 2008)

In Autumn 2008 Valley and Vale Community Arts performed ‘A Long Way Down’ at several community venues in the Bridgend area (funded by Cymorth, Bridgend Children and Young People’s Service and The Arts Council of Wales). Each performance was followed by a discussion about the issues raised in the play. Young people and older community members said it was refreshing and useful to talk about these issues in a safe arena, particularly in light of the negative publicity Bridgend has recently attracted.

Valley and Vale Community Arts is passionate about the role the arts can play in opening up discussion and bringing about social change. Writer Alyson Evans says, “Theatre should entertain and it should also ask questions. It should make us look at our world and want to make it better.”

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