May 12 2008

Person-Centred Creativity Training

Stackpole PCC 2007

We have had great feedback from the recent Person-Centred Creativity training courses we have been running across the Mental Health Sector in South Wales:

“I was a mental health nurse for 20 years looking after patients, now I am a support worker encouraging clients to become independent.”
(Person-Centred Creativity trainee)

“I tried bringing creativity to our ward, they enjoyed it – I just had to spend 10 mins explaining what felt pens are and how to open them, they had never seen one.”
(Person-Centred Creativity trainee)

Person-Centred Creativity is unique in that it is trying to reach people who would never consider getting involved in arts projects and who have little idea about the power of creative expression. During the workshops participants experience for themselves how creativity brings them together, breaks down resistance and improves their mental health. That experience enables staff to collaborate with Community Artists, facilitate creative projects themselves and helps them to understand the process of empowerment.

The ethos and values of Person-Centred Creativity are based upon a belief in creativity as a powerful tool for individual and social change. Person-Centred Creativity focuses on the importance of building relationships with individuals and prioritises the creative process. The theoretical aspect of the work uses Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred counseling techniques of empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard as the foundation.

We have developed this training as an alternative social intervention for professionals who often work in difficult situations and with challenging participants. The courses are being used by NHS and Social Services department as part of their workforce development programme.

If you would like to find out more or would like us to devise a training programme for your team or group, please contact Alex at [email protected] or call (01656) 729246