June 1 2008

PESS Dance Project 2008

PESS 2008

We have recently come to the end of this year’s PESS Dance project in the Bridgend Borough. This year we worked with the Porthcawl cluster of schools, four Primary Schools and one Comprehensive School. The format to this year’s PESS project was slightly different then usual as the overall aim was for the school teachers to develop their dance leadership skills in order to lead a whole workshop in the last week of the project.

In the project each school chose their own theme for the creation of their dance piece ranging from Victorian Toys, Planets and Stars, to the Olympics.

The school teachers had two full creative dance training days run by PESS to introduce a scheme of work they could use in their schools. As the project was only for 5 weeks with just 5 workshops for each school we had a lot of work to fit into a small amount of time. During the first week Saydi and Paula ran the whole workshop giving the teachers the opportunity to observe and take notes ready for the following week in which they would deliver the warm up. As the weeks went by each of the teachers had the opportunity to lead different aspects of the workshops and in particular the creative sections which form the dance.

Overall the project was a great success with all the teachers grasping the idea of creative dance; they facilitated the workshops in a way that provided inspiration yet allowed space for plenty of creativity and ideas from the pupils (all of which made some beautiful work). This project was a great opportunity for Valley and Vale to develop new work in Porthcawl Schools and leading on from the project we are looking to set up an After School Dance Club at Newton Primary School.