June 3 2010

Polish Volunteer

Agnieszka, Polish Volunteer

Agnieszka’s blog on a one week stay at Valley and Vale

“When I heard that I could come to Valley and Vale I was extremely happy. On their website I read that they do so many amazing projects in so many art’s fields. I’ve chosen dance department because dance is my passion. I teach dance but in the last few months I realized that when you do dance classes in a very poor district, where youth have so many problems, dance is just small part of kid’s needs. I started to explore how to change my attitude from “teaching dance for dancers” to fit more to kid’s needs. How to make youth more concentrated, more holding their feelings so we could work towards the common aim. My exploration took me to some point but it’s much easier to pick up the techniques and ideas from other people than to invent everything on your own. At Valley and Vale I learned a lot and had a great fun. I followed Issie, who is a dance department worker, with whom I went to dance classes at school and PRU. I also had a chance to meet June from Rubicon Centre in Cardiff – another dance teacher (the meeting was arranged by Katja, another Valley and Vale worker). With June I went to class for old disabled people.

The work I saw and many questions asked helped me to understand what they mean by “Community Dance”. I also got some reading stuff about community dance and working with communities. What they do at Valley and Vale is really fantastic, I know that it’s not possible to be done in Poland. Now I can pick up some ideas and put them into life as a small projects. Maybe in the future Polish NGO’s will be allowed to work at schools, during the school’s day. Just for now we have to live with extra workshops after the classes.

Thanks for All,

Agnieska’s visit was supported by The British Council.