April 14 2011

Silent Tears

Silent Tears Film

Our Film Development worker Katja Stiller has been working in partnership with the Anti-Bullying Project in Cardiff and Willows High School in Cardiff, giving young people who have experienced bullying the opportunity to make their own film.

In their film Silent Tears, Katie the main character has problems at home; she is angry and lets her anger out on other people around her, whilst her brother Bob turns his anger inwardly. When Katie talks to the school counsellor she realises the cycle of pain she is caught up in.

This month Katja went back to Willows High School to show the young people the final version of the DVD they made last year. While they were embarrassed at first to see themselves on the cover of the DVD and in the film, after watching it three times they decided that it is important to show the film to other young people. We asked them what they got out of the project. Feedback from the participants included:

Adam: “Since the project I get bullied less and made more friends.”

Sam: Rhys: “I had fun.” “I started talking to my mum and dad and they listen.”

Suki: “During the project I started talking to my friend again, we had fallen out and stopped talking for one year.”

Nikita: “I learnt working with others, I was embarrassed at first.”

Kelly: “It is important to tell people if you get bullied or have problems at home.”

Sarah Ellaway (teacher): “In the film the young people learnt how to get over problems – what the young people learnt in the film they used in real life.”

Kimberly:” The film looks wicked I wish I could have been part of it!”