December 6 2010

Space to Be! (Mental Health Matters Dance Workshop)

Mental Health Matters Dance

Valley and Vale Community Arts have been offering Dance/Movement and trust-based exercises at the Nolton Street Wellbeing Drop-in, Bridgend, for just over 2 years. Over the past few months we have noticed that more people have being getting up and taking part in our dance and movement sessions as the confidence in the group has gradually grown. We have built up good relationships with some of the people that use the Centre and the feeling is that everyone has gained in confidence and now feel comfortable about being involved in the sessions, and with this we have seen an increase in the creativity of the work.

Throughout the past few weeks we been experimenting with building structures as a group, using movement and also being still. This has been really interesting and has bought the group together to discuss the work. These sessions have been extremely rewarding and it proves that exploring dance and movement and giving people a creative and safe ‘space to be’ has a huge strength, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally; it is a real pleasure to see.

‘I always feel better after you come to visit…thank you’ (Jerry)

‘I really look forward to coming every week’ (Fiona)

‘Magic…is being part of the session every week. I really enjoy it and I get a lot out of the session’  (Christine)

‘The group is always asking when you are coming next ”  (Lisa)

‘Makes me smile and I feel good!’  (project participant).