June 30 2013

The Enough Food For Everyone IF Project

Message In A Bottle

There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, yet one in eight women, men and children go to bed hungry every night.

This is a human tragedy, with a clear moral imperative for world leaders to act to ensure that the global food system functions effectively. The G8 can make a huge contribution to global efforts to tackle hunger by working in partnership with others to increase investment and improve the transparency, accountability and governance of key aspects of the food system.

The Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign welcomes the UK government’s intention to give development a significant place on this year’s G8 agenda and to use the opportunity to host a Hunger Summit, and a Tax, Trade and Transparency Summit, in June 2013 before the G8 Summit itself.

We urge G8 leaders to make strides towards a world free from hunger.

“We could send food to poor countrys like africa and we could stop land being stolen by rich people. farmers should be helped or given things to help them because they help us by giving us food.” Jacob Age 10

“We could all try and share some food with other less fortunate countrys. It would be great if everyone had enough food and water.” Joseph age 11

“we can share the food with other people. We can check how much food there is in the whole world. We can see which countrys need food.” Jessica age 10

“You can make sure all the people all around the world like all the african people who starve everyday. then you’ll make them happy if you do.” Aliyh Age 11

” Lower the price of food and drinks” Ethan age 11

“If you do not throw away food or waste food. If you do not waste your money on junk or waste. If you share your food with your family and friends.” Iestyn Age 11

Project Blog by Holly, Valley and Vale Volunteer

Have you ever wondered what the best way to keep a room full of 10-11 year olds happy might be? Well I can exclusively reveal that the BEST way to do it is to provide them with a mountain of dirty plastic bottles and five buckets of water, and allow them to do what comes naturally. That is to dive headlong into the pile of bottles, run around madly, have an absolute whale of a time splashing each other with water and generally get completely filthy and soaking into the process. You have not experienced joy until you have seen the joy on a Childs face when confronted with such a spectacle. I promise you; even if you had no ulterior motive it would be worth it just for look on the face of the teacher if nothing else!

But of course as you will have worked out I did have an ulterior motive, quite an important one. I had recently been enlisted to help create a campaign prop, for the “If” campaign. the prop being a gigantic plastic bottle that we could put messages in and then float across the sea to Ireland where it would hopefully land at the feet of some receptive world leaders who would finally heed these messages and make the world a better place. And what better material to make a giant plastic bottle than lots of little plastic bottles stuck together? And where better to get these bottles from than from a recycling centre? And who better to help me make this bottle than the very kids who will be putting messages inside it? And finally whose stupid idea was it to get the bottles second hand from the recycling centre?!

I had recently called upon the services of the lovely Tracy Pallant to come along with me and collect some bottles from the recycling centre, what a pleasant trip out we thought, what a nice way to spent a Friday afternoon we thought, surely all the bottles will be cleaned and sorted and neatly stacked we thought…. it is enough to say that we thought wrong, and I will draw a discreet veil over what happened in the murky depths of Crymlin Burrows recycling centre, suffice to say that we emerged shaky but victorious with two van loads of smelly booty.

And that is where the heroic kids and staff of Bettws Primary school leaped to our service. Because there was no way I would be able to sort, clean and de-label all of these bottles on my own, not in a single life time! And I must say the kids came to my rescue cleaning the bottles with a zeal and vigour that put my squeamishness to shame. They dunked, scrubbed, sorted, stacked, sanded and generally did whatever I asked them to do with impressive enthusiasm. And after they had sanitised the bottles to a sparkling standard they gave me some invaluable creative input and construction ideas that I carried through into the final design. We were able to build a “Mock up” of the bottle that became the end product. I literally couldn’t have done it without them, thanks Bettws primary!

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