March 23 2015

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This is the Garw Valley Young Promoters, we have managed to organise two shows in 6 weeks! These shows are ‘Two Punks and a Tandem’ (which was performed on the 12th March) and ‘Beta Testing’, which will be showing on the 24th March:

“Hiya, it’s one of the Garw Valley Young Promotors. I have really enjoyed helping putting this show on as it is a new experience for myself. I was very shocked when I found out it was only a two man show as I’ve never seen a two man show before.They preformed very well at Blaengarw Workmen’s Hall.”
“Hi, a message from me (Hannah), I have really enjoyed this experience and I hope you will be able to come and see Beta Testing.”

There are 9 young promoters and 2 adults working on a team to organise the shows. We all take part doing different tasks to help the show happen such as: writing letters to VIP people, introducing and ending the show, selling tickets on the door, counting people in and out of the building, being ushers, selling raffle tickets and making tea and coffee. We really enjoy putting on the shows as it helps us to learn different skills. We all managed to meet the cast and they were very calm and nice. None of us lack confidence in our different jobs. We really enjoyed watching Two Punks and a Tandem as some of us have never seen a two man show before. They performed very well and it was nice to see a different act.

We now can’t wait until we see the Circus Geeks ‘Beta Testing’ show, so we can watch them juggling and performing. From the pictures on the flyers they look like an amazing act. We are also all attending a free juggling workshop that the Circus Geeks are giving us before the show at 4pm, to try our hand at learning the art of juggling tricks and skills.

Circus Geeks ‘Beta Testing’ will be taking place at Blaengarw Workmen’s Hall at 7:30pm on the 24th March. The ticket price is £2.50. You can order your tickets at Valley and Vale Community Arts on 01656 72946 or you can pick them up on the door.

Thanks to all the help we’ve from Alison McGann and Karen Steadman from Valley and Vale Community Arts, The Arts Council of Wales Young Promoters Scheme, Blaengarw Workmen’s Hall and Bridgend Council. We have also had great feedback from people that came to the first show Two Punks and a Tandem:

“What a great night of entertainment, with exciting new drama and writing being brought to an iconic valleys venue. I look forward to the next touring production, and congratulate Valley and Vale Community Arts and the local schoolchildren who did a superb job promoting the show. I’d urge anyone interested in exciting new live theatre to check out forthcoming events at Blaengarw Workmen’s Hall.”

(Huw Iranca Davies, MP for Ogmore)

“Hello everyone just wanted to say thanks for the invite to the excellent show last week. I really enjoyed and look forward to the next one. I am really glad that the group of youngsters saw how successful it was.”

(Cllr Marlene Thomas, Bridgend County Borough Council)

Blaengarw  - Circus Geeks Poster