December 26 2010

Tomorrow is Another Day

Sun Appearing over the mountian top

We have recently applied to Bridgend Community Safety Partnership Substance Misuse Action Team Slippage Fund for a new creative project called ‘Tomorrow is Another Day’, working with young people in the Bridgend Borough.

We would like to use Person-Centered Creativity to work with young people with drug and alcohol problems and their carers, offering them a unique opportunity to creatively express themselves, increase their self awareness and self-esteem, to learn new skills, reflect on their past and present and to make conscious decisions affecting their future.

Many of the young people that our partner organisations and we work with, have problems with alcohol and drugs. Often it is difficult to work with them as part of a bigger group; mood swings, lack of motivation and anger issues make it hard for them to work as a team. Sessions with small groups and/ or individuals can offer a process where the young people can find support and challenge.

This project would allow young people attending programmes with other organisations to deal with issues arising during their training that will offer them the extra support needed. We aim to build a trusting and meaningful relationship with the individuals by setting up a clear contract and offering them a variety of different art forms i.e. film, music, photography, poetry, art. This process will facilitate creative expression and a visual exploration of their memories and current situation.