June 22 2011

Celebrating Community Spirit

Celebrating Community Spirit

On Saturday 25th June, 2pm – 5pm, Valley and Vale Community Arts will be celebrating the community spirit of Betws at The Sardis Media Centre, Betws, Bridgend, in a special Street Party style afternoon.

The event will provide people with the opportunity to experience what the people of the village have created, facilitated by Valley and Vale during a project called Top of the Mountain, over the last 2 years.  On the day people will be able to see the valued and cherished Community Quilt stitched by people from the village, watch Digital Stories featuring 50 years of football in Betws, listen to the alternative sound of Betws Community Choir and admire local scenes of the village in photographs taken again by local people.  Also, there will be a launch of a book called Hilltop Tales, Stories from a Community.

The day ties in with 30 years of Valley and Vale Community Arts, “ It is interesting that our 30th Birthday Party coincides with our event celebrating community spirit” said Alex Bowen, Director of Valley and Vale Community Arts “… we came to the Valleys more than 20 years ago to help document the lives of miners and their families in the aftermath of pit closures.  This was a time of great change particularly in Valley communities.  In fact our whole ethos is ‘to promote positive change in people and places’ ”


Top of Mountain Party Poster