January 12 2016

‘Up and Over’ Project – Delyth Lucas’ Blog

Votes for Women

by Delyth Lucas, ‘Up and Over’ Mapping the Valleys Project

On 8th March 1907, Miss Sylvia Pankhurst together with Mrs Jenkins (the Maesteg Suffragette) attended the County Council Meeting in Maesteg by invitation of Mr Vernon Hartshorn (who was a supporter of the Suffragette movement). She addressed the gathering and criticised a Mr S.T Evans and made a resolution against him asking him to withdraw his opposition to the Women’s Enfranchisement Bill. On the 15th April 1907 she spoke outside on the steps of the Town Hall and was supported by Mrs Jenkins and a Miss Kinsey of Bridgend.

Women’s Suffrage still continues with the Welsh ‘Mams’ who supported the Miners under horrific financial and emotional pressures during the 1970/80’s to the present day, with women from all walks of life striving for equality, equal pay and in many parts of the world their fight for basic human rights and education. Organisations such as the Women’s Institute continue to educate and promote women in many areas and in 2015, celebrated their Centenary. Their anthem ‘Jerusalem’ was also the anthem of the Suffragettes, many of whom later became members of the early W.I’s.

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