May 14 2014

‘Up For It’ Youth Drama Blog

Drama Performance

by Tamse Preece, Project Development Worker

Our recent Youth Drama piece ‘Up for It’ was commissioned by Healthy Schools for presentation at a Substance Misuse Training Day for young people in Bridgend at the Hi-Tide in March 2014. Since its successful launch it has subsequently been offered as an intensive workshop for young people at Bridgend Comprehensive Schools.

Co-written by Brandon Ashford, Doug Gray and Tamse Preece, directed by Ali Franks and performed by Brandon Ashford and Doug Gray, ‘Up For It’ charts the impact of substance misuse on the friendship, aspirations and physical and mental health of best friends Jimmy and Dan. Jimmy and Dan have been best friends since early childhood. Jimmy has dreams of making it with his band and Dan of being a pro-skater. Boredom leads them to experimentation with Mephadrone, a choice which leads to the disintegration of Jimmy’s mental health and personal relationships and difficult choices for Dan, who has to choose between his own aspirations and achievements and his friendship with Jimmy.

This resource addresses the wider themes of risk-taking behaviour and peer-pressure/support and consists of a 25 minute theatrical presentation, an interactive workshop for larger settings, and a more intensive workshop for smaller groups. A film version is also available with two alternative endings for use as a Teaching Resource.

In response to the evaluation question, ‘What will you take away with you from this event?’, audiences replied:

“…how easy life spirals and how consequences can be self-perpetuating and affect so many people’s lives.” (staff)

“…to think positively about my future and not doing drugs.” (student)

“…a better understanding of drugs and the effects they have on people’s lives.” (student)

If you would like to find out more about this resource, please email our Drama Development Worker Ali Franks at [email protected] or call her on 01656 729246

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