April 13 2011

Valley and Vale Community Arts is 30!

Our 30th Anniversary

We are proud to announce that this month we celebrate our 30th Anniversary! We will be celebrating through a host of exciting and creative projects, events and activities during our 30th year, from April 2010 to April 2011, so bookmark our website to keep up with our celebrations!

We are now one of Wales’ longest-standing Community Arts organisations. We set up in 1981 in The Vale of Glamorgan and came into the Garw Valley (where we are now based) to work with the local communities during the Miners’ Strikes, offering Community Arts as an effective way of helping people express themselves during a time of such huge socio-economic change.

Thirty years later we are still based in The Garw Valley; now it is a much greener place with little sign of the mining industry that once defined it, but it is still a strong community with deep roots. We have evolved ourselves over the years as an organisation but still aim to offer grass roots Community Arts and creative projects for a range of people and communities. We are proud to have survived many changing times as an organisation and believe that our success comes from the creativity that inspires everything that we do:

“Valley and Vale is an inspiring organisation that brims with energy and continues to operate at the sharp end of community arts practice. They are a pioneering force in this field…” (The Arts Council of Wales)