November 9 2012

Vote for our ‘SuperAssembly’ Project Proposal Today!

Issie Teaching her ESOL Dance Group

National Theatre Wales is transforming its innovative Assembly programme into bespoke, democratically elected creative arts projects, which will take place across Wales. Eight creative projects will be made in total over 18 months, in four areas – South, Mid, North and West Wales.

Companies and individuals have been invited to submit proposals, of which three will be shortlisted at each regional submissions stage. The general public can vote for their preferred project online, and the project with the most votes will be given the green light.

National Theatre Wales’ Assembly programme runs alongside its main productions, and offers participants an opportunity to experience theatre as a space for exploration and discussion.

Our Project is Proposal Number 6 – and asks the question:

‘ What would you do if you were a refugee …?’

We are hoping to put together an artistic project for welsh refugees (children, men and women). We would like to bring together this marginalised sector and encourage local refugees to interact through the means of music, dance, art, drama and film. We would work with groups from Oasis, Trinity and local schools’ ESOL groups in Cardiff – some of the existing groups we have previously worked with.

We want the Assembly to help us create more awareness and a broader conversation this contentious and at times misunderstood group of people. We hope this will happen through utilising the participating groups’ personal stories through various art forms e.g. songs and rhythms, traditional dance, provocative poems and drama pieces.

In order to broaden perspectives on local Refugees and Asylum seekers we would like to finish the project with live performances to the general public within Cardiff City Centre in order to highlight and create a conversation with people who may otherwise vocalize their thoughts on this issue. The general public may take time to stop and listen to the stories of unheard individuals and begin to understand their lives from a new perspective. We can publicly highlight the everyday issues this marginalised sector has had to face. However we also want to create a space within which people can ask the questions in order to further understand issues that this group of people face on daily basis.

We are up against lots of interesting projects, so we need all the votes we can get! Please vote for our project now! We are Proposal Six.