June 22 2012

Wales and Ireland come face to face

Skyping Ireland and Wales

It’s not the football, or even the rugby. It’s not in politics or even the Eurovision. It’s a project called Culturebox.

Valley and Vale Community Arts have set up a link between Betws Primary School in Bridgend County and Scoil Realt na Mara in Ballycotton, Co.Cork in Ireland. So far the children have prepared culture boxes, which contained 6 pupil-selected objects that sum up their culture. They sent the boxes to their partner school, and on receiving a box, the children worked with our Drama Development Worker Tracy Evans to interpret the objects, create stories and then shared these interpretations with the other school.

This week we had a chat by Skype with each other. This was also very exciting for Tracy, as she actually went to Scoil Realt na Mara herself as a child (as did her siblings and father), and had the same teacher Derry Keogh!

We chatted about what we thought of each others’ interpretations, sports, links between people from Ballycotton and Betws, and red hair! Here’s what some of the children from Betws Primary said afterwards:

“I liked doing the Skype and the work because we got to chat to people in Ireland. We’ve never done that before” Callum

“It was a good opportunity to speak to the children in the other school” Harriet

“We were probably the first school in Bridgend to skype a school in another country. It’s great, you get to see them and see what they look like” Joseph

Class teacher Miss Floyd was delighted that this opportunity for communication was all available for free. The children have also begun to write to each other and there are plans for more Skype calls in September!