November 25 2010

Youth Theatre Tour Blog

Pretty Ugly on Tour

by Megan Mattravers

Hey, this is Megan Mattravers from Valley and Vale Community Arts Youth Theatre, and we’ve been on tour for the past week. We have been touring a Theatre In Education play called ‘Pretty Ugly’, which was devised by us last year. We came up with the idea of ‘Pretty Ugly’ by mind mapping issues that affect young people. We came up with the idea of image and from there ‘Pretty Ugly’ was made!

We launched our play in the Grand Pavilion Porthcawl and from there the play has become a great success! We decided to tour during Anti-Bullying Week to raise awareness on bullying. We started our tour in Ynysawdre Comprehensive School and then went on to perform in other local schools, Ogmore, Maesteg, Bridgend College, Cynfig and Bryntiron. Our play raises issues surrounding image and bullying. All week we have connected to the audience, with them relating to the characters in the play.

The play has been an awesome experience for all the youth theatre and the schools we performed too. We have all taken something from the experience and have made friends for life! Whilst taking part in the show we have realised all the issues surrounding image and how it is dealt with everyday. All the workshops this week have gone really well, through exploring each characters issue with image and how we can help them. We also forumed scenes where the audience can change the characters actions to make it a better ending.

All in all I have absolutely loved being part of Valley and Vale Youth Theatre and I hope the good work continues!