March 4 2013

Youth Works ‘Dragon’s Den’ Arts Project

Cuddly Toys made from socks

We have been working in partnership with Youth Works in Bridgend this Spring, working on a ‘Dragon’s Den’ type project, helping young people to create art work that could be sold in the future, and made into a business development opportunity.

Youth Works provide introductory and 10 week courses throughout the year to support emotionally vulnerable young people to improve their confidence, skills, self-esteem and resilience.

We enjoyed working with the enthusiastic and creative young people in this project; we made sock puppets, t-shirts and jewellery. The project absolutely flew by for all of us, and there was one mad rush to finish all the art works at the end.

This was a very successful workshop resulting in some amazing designs that certainly made an impact. There were lots of discussions before and during the workshops about creating and selling work, and how they could continue to use their creativity positively at the end of this project. We hope to continue working with Youth Works and these young people into the future, offering more creative activities and continuing to develop skills, make connections, build confidence and work towards positive futures.