April 20 2011

Ysgol Bryn Castell Dance Workshop

Ysgol Bryn Castell Dance Workshop

We recently started a new dance workshop at Ysgol Bryn Castell in the Bridgend Borough, working students with additional learning needs. The first group has focused more on funk styles – learning the ‘old school’ social dance ‘Do the Bus Stop’ and the basic movements of Locking. The group also put together partner sections using set contact work and locking movement phrases that they developed independently. We end each session with a Soul Train, giving the students a chance to strut their stuff and show the movements they have learnt.

The second group has learnt a few of the basic foundations of B-boying/B-girling, looking at elements of Top Rock, Go Downs, Footwork and Freezes. Once they could do the Indian Step, Corkscrew, Six Step and Zulu Spin, the group developed the movement material by incorporating contact work and high energy transitions to add their own ideas and flavour.

After several workshops at the school the two groups are working well and have potential to improve to good standard of dance. We look forward to next week’s Soul Train!

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