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Person-Centred Creativity Training Course at Stackpole

PCC for Mental Health, Health and Social Inclusion Workers

Person-Centred Creativity is a unique way of working, and has been practised since 2003 by Community Artists working at Valley and Vale Community Arts in Bridgend. Based on a belief in creativity as a powerful tool for individual and social change, it offers a set of techniques enabling individuals, groups or communities to create their own piece of art work.

Incorporating humanistic Person-Centred Psychology (Carl Rogers), and the use of Participatory Learning Tools (Robert Chambers), Person-Centred Creativity provides Experiential Learning opportunities for groups and individuals.

The process is non-directive and flexible, valuing and respecting the individual and providing challenges in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This approach is particularly relevant to current intervention models such as personalisation of services, and also the Asset and Recovery models in Mental Health Services.

The training is beneficial both for the professional development of staff and for working with service users.

‘Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day with so many ideas that will support and enhance my counseling skills and the opportunities I offer to children and young people.’

‘Great workshop, I will definitely use some of the techniques with my own clients.’

Person-Centred Creativity can be experienced through a 1, 2, 4 or 8 day course, facilitated by creativity and counselling professionals. The workshops bring people together to reflect on their lives, to explore issues, or simply to be creative and to tell their stories. It is primarily about process, although high quality and accessible end products can be created using these methods.

The process can be very empowering, enabling individuals and groups to solve their own problems, also to communicate their needs, and share ideas with decision-makers and/or other groups and communities.

‘Really fantastic. A really inspiring and thought provoking day.’

Want to Do It Yourself?

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