Person-Centred Creativity Training Course Artwork

Here is some feedback from our recent Person-Centred Creativity taster day:

– Really  enjoyable good to have a safe space

– I really enjoyed myself

– I enjoyed today although it took me out of my comfort zone

– 10 out of 10

– I really enjoyed today and would recommend it to other nurses where I work

– Brilliant day

– 10 out of ten

– I enjoyed today

– A lot of good fun, I learnt a lot

– Excellent

– I enjoyed it very much

– I thought it was excellent

Very good, thought-provoking

– Very much

– Amazing, fantastic facilitation, very infectious and inspiring

– Very much, everybody participated and I felt very comfortable to join in.

What did you get out of today?

– Time to remember why I enjoy this line of work

– The importance of play, role-modelling, enthusiasm

acceptance and belief in every individual and in their ability to express themselves  eloquently and creatively

– It reminded me of how much we expect of clients and also being open to new ways of working with people

– Engagement techniques

– Plenty to think about and new exercises to work on the ward

– It will help me to enhance my group work in the centre and it restored some positivity in myself

– Artwork and active listening

– Learnt head stuff, all very interesting

– Insight, new ideas about how to use creativity

– Interesting and informative day, I really enjoyed drawing and house building. Thank you

–  Lots more knowledge, more information, team work with other agencies

– An opportunity to play, have fun, explore creativity, meet people and laugh

Art doodle exercise, shadow exercise

– Food for thought

– A sense of confidence to do more creative sessions, lots of ideas

– The shadow concept was new to me I can see the relevance especially in a work setting

Will you use Person-Centred Creativity in your work place?

– Absolutely

– Yes

– Yes I will use some of the ideas, definitely the theory and engagement techniques

– I will use the art and shadow exercises in the future

– All the activities I intend to use, real food for thought

– Yes

– I will use the name exercise, maybe a modified form of bricks to work with volunteer tutors

– Yes

– Maybe

– 100% yes

– If time allows, Yes

– Yes

– Yes

– Yes


Would you be interested in further training?

– Yes

– Yes

– Yes

– Definitely

– Yes

– Yes

– Yes

– Yes

– yes

– yes

– Yes


– Yes

– Yes

– Yes if I had the opportunity

– Yes I would be very interested in attending further training and learning new skills

– Yes I would

Any other feedback?

– Good to see you guys get involved – thank you

– It is heartening that so many individuals are committed to doing their best for others

– I really enjoyed the day and thought the training was very well put together and delivered

– I would like to convey thanks to the PCC team for their enthusiasm and expertise, great group of members all positive working to help people

– Very enjoyable and interesting

– Can I join your company?

– Keep up the good work!

– More info on the four day training course

– Very enthusiastic trainers

– Couldn’t praise you enough, lovely to meet you!

‘Good afternoon, I am contacting you from the Salvation Army in Cardiff in relation to a recent day course called ‘person centred creativity taster session’. Colleagues have come back singing its praises and thus more of our staff team are eager to get on the 4 day course.  Can you let me know details as soon as possible so we can get our names secured!’

Thank you.
(Susan Warren, Substance Misuse Worker, Cardiff)

Want to Do It Yourself?

If you’d like any information about our PCC training courses email Melissa at [email protected] or phone us on 01656729246.